The Power of Psychic Readings

clairvoyant psychicPsychic readings are a powerful way to explore the esoteric and mysterious side of our lives and extract knowledge that will help us along our journey. Many of these practices can be performed alone, but most first-timers choose to contact a medium. These mediums use different methods of contacting the spiritual realm such as Tarot Cards, Horoscope readings, and even meditation based seance procedures.

Another aspect of this subject is that of psychic readings and mind exploration. Some experts are brilliant in reading your inner world and giving up valuable information that can be used to change your life. This could be a deep rooted issue you’re suffering with, a thought that you can’t let go of, or perhaps the memory of a lost loved one. Whatever the case may be, these accurate psychic readings are catered towards the individual that seeks inner knowledge about themselves and the thoughts that travel through their mind.

The main way that this psychic ability is harnessed is through the reading of the aura. Psychic experts have trained themselves in the art of reading an individuals unique aura and understanding the different energy levels that it contains. Although there are many opinions on the aura, many believe the aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding a person’s body. The field makes an egg shaped pattern around the individual and ‘glows’ different colors depending on the energy the person contains.

As an example, if a person is emitting a vibrant red colored aura this would indicate vitality, competition and nobleness. Red is a color that has always been likened to power, passion and sexual reproduction throughout history. Kings and Royalty used to incorporate red into their garments to show strength among the eyes that were cast upon them.

Similarly, if the aura surrounding an individual is a deep forest green with a murky opaqueness, this would be more of an evil energy. This muddy colored aura is commonly associated with envious and jealous people that are discontent with their lives and relationships.

How Psychics Use This Information

Psychics, contrary to popular belief, aren’t people who magically look at you and know exactly what thoughts are traveling through your circuits. Instead, an honest psychic will extract information about you using one of the aforementioned methods and work from there.

If they choose to follow the aura reading path, the color of your electromagnetic field will tell the psychic all they need to know about you. They can move from that point and help alleviate any pain or suffering that may be holding you back within your personal life.

Similarly, if your aura is a strong and pure color, they can help identify the practices and thoughts that are helping you progress forward and enhance them. The key to success is knowing what actions produce the most results and then maximizing their performance. A good psychic will explore the depths of your mind and soul to make you better!

Why You Can Get Conflicting Psychic Readings

If psychic readings predict our future, and we can only have one future, it makes sense that we’d get two readings, from two different psychics, that point to the same thing, right? Wrong! How is this possible? Different outcomes are a result of three things creating conflict with each other – Timing, Tools, and Chemistry. Each of these could be an obstacle creating differences in what the reading reveals.

psychic readings

Timing of the Reading

The energy you put off at the time will be the source of the reading. The way you phrase your questions and answers can affect the reading. Having a reading on Monday, and then another reading on Wednesday will deliver entirely different energy to the reader. If you’re dealing with a new psychic (someone new to you) your energy from yesterday will be different than what it is today. A new impression of a psychic will present different energy from you than if you were having a reading with a psychic you are familiar with.

Many people tend to seek out a different psychic or another reading if their initial reading doesn’t provide the information they want it to. Psychics are not here to give you only good news – they aren’t here to feed your ego. Psychics provide all the news they see – good and bad.

Because of the experience you had with the first reading, you are a different person when you go for the second. Your energy is released. When you go for that second reading, you’ll almost always get a good reading, if nothing more than for the simple fact that you released all the negative energy with the first psychic reading.

Ultimately, if you’re asking a psychic about issues you’re still struggling with and are not ready to face – this will alter the reading. Your energy tells the psychic of your own anxiety, and will muddle the energy the psychic receives for the purpose of the reading.

Psychic’s Choice of Tools

The tools your psychic uses will make a difference. If you aren’t trying to communicate with someone who’s passed, then an Ouija board doesn’t make sense. If you are trying to learn more your personality and predictions for the future, then astrology works quite well. Tarot readings will help the psychic learn more about you and the patterns of the cards you tend to draw. If you go for Tarot readings, it’s best not to jump from reader to reader. The bond you build with your reader as she learns the patterns of cards you draw is quite powerful.

Chemistry Between You and the Psychic

Anytime you meet someone new, there is either chemistry between the two of you, or there is not. Chemistry between two people is not limited to a romantic or physical relationship. If there is a lack of chemistry between you and your psychic, then your reading will be affected. If the psychic doesn’t “like” you, chances are there is not a lot vested in your reading – and you will be able to tell.

Choose your psychic with care. Look at more than what the rates for readings are. Look at the skills, experience, and service offerings they have available. If you want a reading about your love life, consider choosing a psychic who specializes in love and relationships. If you want to communicate with a loved one who passed away, choose a medium.

If you know someone who’s had a reading, ask for a referral. Read online reviews to learn more about how others feel about a particular reader or service. If you’re too busy or are too shy to set up a face-to-face meeting, consider an online meeting. Online meetings are available as live chats and as email readings. If you opt for an email reading, however, know that you shouldn’t expect an immediate response.

If the conflict between the readings is too much for you, take some time away from psychic readings. Use the time to meditate and clear your mind. Wait at least two days before you have another reading, to make sure the moon has changed signs. At that point, you can try a psychic reading again. However, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you possibly can about the psychic before scheduling a reading. The more you believe you are compatible with the psychic, the better your overall experience will be.


What Is Synastry?

Even if you’ve heard of astrology before – chances are you’ve read your horoscope at least once – you may never have heard the term synastry. Synastry is relationship astrology. It essentially studies how people interact with each other – regardless of which sun or moon sign they are. Though highly complex and somewhat difficult to master, synastry gives us a better look at the compatibility between two individuals.

Every person comes with a personal birth chart. That personal birth chart is a map of the sky from the first breath you take. Many people believe the information in our birth chart has a way of imprinting us with the planetary energy. All of us have all the planets in our birth charts – it is the position of each element that is different, and the position that affects us.


Zodiac (Sun Sign) Compatibility

You are likely already familiar with Zodiac compatibility: Is a Virgo compatible with a Pieces? It is true these comparisons offer some insight, but it’s incredibly general. Look at how many people are on this planet – all of them are born under one of the zodiacs, yet all of them are incredibly different, too. When truly evaluating two people for compatibility, many other factors must also be compared. That’s where synastry comes in.


Synastry overlaps two birth charts from individuals. Typically, the inner wheel’s information pertains to the woman, while the outer wheel’s information pertains to the man. The charts are difficult for the average person to read, so without explanation from an astrologer, most people will not know what any of the information means. Many generators are available online to help you see what your chart would look like with your partner. These charts typically come with some sort of explanation as to what is good and bad in the chart. However, even thorough explanations can be difficult to digest.

When is a Synastry Reading Beneficial?

Much like a psychic love reading, a synastry reading can be beneficial to couples at any time. To get the birth chart information, however, you need the birth date, birth time, and birth location of both individuals. Information can be obtained when birth time is unknown, however, the accuracy of the information may be slightly altered.

Synastry readings are a great idea before you settle down and commit to a particular person, because it can help you see where potential problems may lie in the relationship. In seeing this issues beforehand, you and your partner can decide how to tackle them should they ever become an issue.

It’s also a good idea after you’ve married, before or after you’ve had children. Seeing what synastry has to say about you and your lover after you’ve established a relationship can help bring issues to the surface. If you’ve been battling certain things and want a look at how things are expected to go between the two of you, the birth chart comparison is a good place to start. If you notice the issues are not being resolved even after making a conscious effort to fix them, then you and your partner can sit down and decide where to go from here.

It’s important to remember that what is written in the stars isn’t set in stone. Yes, you may discover you and your partner are prone to jealousy issues – but that doesn’t mean you will be. Even if you are, it doesn’t have to spell the end of your relationship. There is still free will at play – you and your partner can actively work to change the outcome.


What Astrology Can And Cannot Do

For many, astrology is a misunderstood subject. It’s nothing something invented as a scam to tell you about your future, and to dictate your personality. It’s the study of how the position of the stars and planetary movements influence events and behaviors, and it’s been studied for thousands of years.

Anyone can learn how to study it – but it takes years to master. It’s a tool many psychics use, not to predict your future, but to connect with your energy and learn more about it. If a psychic using astrology claims to be able to definitely predict your future – it’s a scam.

astrology readings

Many people turn to astrology because they’re looking for answers. They’re either curious about what it has to say, desperate for a solution, or finding their life just isn’t working out the way they’d planned it.

There’s much more to astrology than your Sun sign. That’s what you probably know as your zodiac. It’s much more than the horoscopes you see written in magazines, newspapers, and online.

Astrology focuses on planetary interactions, as well as the sun and moon, and the signs. The relationships and interactions are based on math. Astrology is the study of this math. The signs represent different aspects of the entire human. Aries stars the cycle, and Pisces completes it.

What Astrology Can Do

Astrology is a philosophy for explaining life. We explain ourselves based on what the planets indicate. Astrology simply binds us all together as humans. It explains the energy in our lives, along with the challenges that may come along with it, and possible outcomes.

It can give you hope, clarity, and perspective. It can tell you when conditions are favorable for certain things, like love, careers, etc. It cannot tell you exactly where and when to find these things – but it can give you some indications of where to look. For instance, it can’t tell you to invest in a particular company, but it can tell you about the time you should be most careful with your money, and the time when your investments are most likely to have a big pay off.

It cannot tell you what bad things are going to happen and when they’re going to happen. It can tell you bad things may happen, so you can guard yourself against them. It can tell you whether or not it is a good time to undergo a medical procedure.

What Astrology Cannot Do

Astrology is not a prediction of the future. It will not make you behave a certain way. It will not predict everything about you. It does not have to affect your religious beliefs, because it’s not a theory about how you got here and what will happen to you once you die. It cannot tell you when you are going to meet the love of your life, when you will get married, or when you will die.

You will not get every detail of your life. It hasn’t been worked out yet. It’s up to you to make decisions every day, and each of those decisions will alter those details. It instead offers insight so you can make better decisions about what to do, so we can give ourselves greater outcomes.

Ultimately, astrology tells us about who we are, but does not define us. You can use information from your birth chart to learn about your personality, but you can evolve and change. Free will is always at play – you can decide what to do and what not to do. If you get bad news about a relationship, there’s no need to stay in that relationship. Leaving the relationship changes the course of your future. Astrology was a tool that helped you see the bad.


How Astrology Can Affect Your Sex Life

Astrology affects all parts of our lives, no matter how big or small, no matter how public or private. For more information about your sexuality, astrologers can look to “The Eighth House” on your chart. An astrologer can also find out about your sexuality based on interactions with the planet Venus.

Venus is charged with sexuality based on its interactions with other planets. When your were born, the energy discharge between these interactions imprinted you. It’s harmony between Venus and other planets that creates a fondness for sexual pleasure and desire. It’s tension between them that creates issues with fetishes and lust.

Aries: March 21 – April 19

Aries has a lot of energy, and will give it freely to the right partner. They should try to do new and exciting things with their partners. Aries is a Fire moon sign. As such, they want passion and action. In a partner, Aries looks for confidence and spontaneity.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Taurus is a reciprocator of all received. As a partner, if you provide love, you will get love in return. If not, you will get whatever you give in return. Taurus is an Earth sign. As such, they want stability and security. Taurus looks for reliability and financial responsibility.

Gemini: May 21 – June 21

Geminis may seem like sex isn’t on their minds. However, they enjoy removing clothing, so the more you have on, the better. The act of clothing removal leads to passion. Gemini is an Air sign. As such, they are curious creatures. The best way to get to their heart is through their head. Gemini looks for intelligence and a love for learning.

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

Cancers need to feel safe and secure, so they may take more time than other signs to warm up to a potential love interest. However, once familiar with the love interest, things can get quite spicy in the bedroom. Cancer is a water sign. As such, they are romantic. They look for unspoken connections to their partner. Cancer looks for a mate that values family, and enjoys creative activity.

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Leos must be engaged constantly to stay aroused. Leos have a desire to know they’ll still be wanted after an argument. Leo is also a Fire moon sign. As such, they want passion and action. In a partner, Leo too looks for confidence and spontaneity.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Virgos love consistency. They love exploration. They love to be told exactly what their partner wants, in clear detail. Virgo is also an Earth sign. As such, they want stability and security. Virgo looks for reliability and financial responsibility.

Libra: September 23 – October 22

Libras are easily seduced, but are also resourceful. Libra is also an Air sign. As such, they are curious creatures. The best way to get to their heart is through their head. Libra looks for intelligence and a love for learning.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Sexually adventurous, this sign is more likely to enjoy lust than love and commitment. Scorpio is a water sign. As such, they are romantic. They look for unspoken connections to their partner. Scorpio looks for a mate that values family, and enjoys creative activity.

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is less likely to commit than to engage in multiple lustful relationships. They are also known to become selfish when a partner loves them completely. Partners should remain aloof. Sagittarius is also a Fire moon sign. As such, they want passion and action. In a partner, Sagittarius too looks for confidence and spontaneity.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Capricorn is adventurous and methodical. They show love and affection easily. Capricorn is also an Earth sign. As such, they want stability and security. Capricorn looks for reliability and financial responsibility.

Aquarius: January 20 – Feb 18

Aquarius is known to change moods quickly – from white hot burning love to ice cold moment to moment. It’s easier to stimulate them intellectually than physically. Aquarius is also an Air sign. As such, they are curious creatures. The best way to get to their heart is through their head. Aquarius looks for intelligence and a love for learning.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Pieces will give you all of themselves when they feel you are worthy and the conditions are right. Play, experiment, and explore with your Pieces lover. Pieces is a water sign. As such, they are romantic. They look for unspoken connections to their partner. Scorpio looks for a mate that values family, and enjoys creative activity.


Finding Love With A True Psychic Reading

Love is a highly complex emotion with varying degrees and depths. For such a powerfully positive emotion, it can cause a lot of pain. Finding your partner is not an easy process. Most of us go through a number of heat breaks before we’ve found the “one.” Psychics can help you find the partner you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re already in a relationship, they can help you find out if your partner is the one you’re supposed to be with.

find love

How a Love Reading Helps

A love reading can help you determine not only how you feel about a certain someone, but also how that certain someone feels about you in return. It can help you navigate through issues and determine the answers to important questions.

Your first in instinct may be ask your psychic something like, “Am I in love with X?” or “Will I ever find love?” The question really asking is, “Am I ready to commit myself to a relationship with X?” or, “Will I ever be ready for a real commitment?”

Before you can ever be ready to invite someone else into your life on that level, you must at first be at peace with who you are and where you are in life. The reading with the psychic can help you see things about yourself (and about the love interest) that you didn’t realize were true. This way, you know the things you need to work on and change to make the landscape better for your relationship.

If you’re already in a relationship, enhance the reading by bringing your love interest along with you. This way the psychic can look at your energy, your partner’s energy, and the energy that results when the two of you come together.

When Should You Get a Love Reading?

Love readings can help you at any stage of the relationship – whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been together a while and you just want a better indicator of where a relationship is going. Love readings are particularly helpful in cases where red flags are going up, or you fear danger is looming. If you suspect infidelity or deceit, a psychic reading can also help you uncover this.

If you’ve just gone through a rough breakup, a psychic reading can help then as well. A reading can help you determine whether or not a new, healthier, relationship is in your future, or if you need to take the time while you are single to work on issues so the two of you can have a successful relationship when you try again.

If you and your partner are dealing with problems, the reading may be able to help you sort through the issues. Good psychics can usually identify the root cause of the arguments, which can help you and your partner work through everything together. This approach is helpful because rather than treating the symptoms of the problem, you solve the problem.

Now What?

After the reading is for many, the most complicated part. Psychics don’t tell you the future. They can’t tell you what will happen in the future because you always have the power to change it with free will. A reader will provide you with advice and guidance, and it’s up to you to follow it.

If your psychic says, “You will meet a potential love interest today.” you probably will. It’s what you do with that information (or don’t do, for that matter) that dictates the outcome. For instance, let’s say you’re eyeing the cute guy or gal from across the coffee shop. This could very well be the potential love interest your psychic mentioned, but if you don’t make it a point to strike up conversation, how are the two of you ever supposed to get to the point of falling in love?

Ultimately, love is a choice – a choice you make. It’s something you have to actively seek – it will not just fall in your lap. You have to make it a point to meet people, either online or in person, before you can potentially meet the person you’ll marry. Love won’t just “happen.” A psychic love reading is helpful regardless of where you are in your love life. Even if you’re single and looking for love or recovering from a bad breakup, a love reading can show you where to go from here.


Choosing The Right Astrologer For You

If you are considering astrology for advice about something in your life, it’s in your best interest to see a professional astrologer. They can help with a number of issues – whether it is your love and relationships, your career and financial situation, or something else entirely. Professional astrologers are available online, and many also offer face-to-face meetings. Since astrology is such a complex subject, however, it’s best to choose an experienced astrologer who specializes in whatever issue you’re seeking advice about.

Get a Referral from Someone You Trust

Ask friends, family, and coworkers about their experiences with astrologers. You may be able to get the name and contact information for someone they recommend. This is usually a good place to start, because you can determine whether or not you want to contact someone based on their experiences.

If you do not know anyone who has used an astrologer before, there are plenty of online services available that allow you to look up reviews. Once you find the name of an astrologer you are interested in connecting with, you can search them online to read about other client’s experiences.

Look Closely at Experience and Training

Though there are a number of schools in the United States that teach astrology, there is no formal education or certification requirement in order to practice astrology. This means that anyone can start their own practice after teaching themselves about the subject.

Most astrologers have their own websites and are listed in business directories. Use their website to learn more about who they are, their training, and experience. While there is nothing wrong with helping a novice astrologer get his or her start in the field, it is usually better to go with someone who is more experienced.

Look for professional ties to organizations such as:

Professional Specialties

Many astrologers have professional backgrounds in other areas – so pay close attention to that information. If you’re curious about your financial situation and career options, then you may want to look for an astrologer with a degree or a specialty in money and finance. If you’re looking for love and relationship advice, opt to work with an astrologer who has a background in psychology and/or therapy.

If you find an astrologer who doesn’t provide the information you’re most seeking, you can ask them to refer you to another trusted astrologer who will. For instance, if you want to know more about investment options, but the astrologer you’ve chosen does not provide that sort of advice, ask if they know someone who does.


It is a good idea to speak with the astrologer for a few minutes before you book an appointment with them. You want to make sure you feel comfortable talking o this person. If you cannot speak via phone, try to email back and forth a few times to get a feel for the person. Ultimately, the more at ease you feel with your astrologer, the better your overall experience will be.

If you do not feel comfortable with the astrologer, he or she will be able to pick up on the negative energy. This will result in an altered reading. In order for the reading to be as accurate as possible, you must approach the astrologer with an open mind.

Remember, no matter what the reading says, you are in full control. You have the power to use the information however you see fit. Just because astrology suggests something may happen, doesn’t mean your free will cannot change it.


Can Astrology Predict Addiction?

Every day millions of people battle addiction in some shape or form. Whether it’s an addiction to: food, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, video games, the Internet, gambling, or a slew of other possibilities, everyone is susceptible to it. For many of us, addiction goes unnoticed until we are so deep into the issue that it is difficult to recover from. If left untreated, an addiction can cause you to lose your family, friends, job, and even your life.


Early Warning Signs of Addiction

Since addiction comes in so many forms and affects both men and women of all races, identifying the sources of the addiction, as well as how to avoid them is a highly interesting subject for many scientific disciplines – astrology included.

Though the sciences each have their own way to identify potential addictions, astrologists can get clues and insights just by reading into a person’s birth chart. A birth chart is a map of the sky as it was the exact day and time you took your first breath.

What an Astrologer Looks at in the Birth Chart

In regards to addiction, astrologers know to look for influences of Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter represents hedonism – the idea that being happy and/or receiving pleasure is more important than anything else in life Neptune represents illusion and intoxication. If an astrologer looks at a person’s birth chart and sees strong influences from either Jupiter or Neptune, it is a pretty safe bet to say addiction will be an issue at some point or another for that person.

How This Helps People

The knowledge that someone may have a stronger tendency to become addicted to a substance or action may cause the person to practice more care and restraint when dealing with potential addictions. For someone who may already have an addiction, it may be the “wake up call” he or she needs to finally address the situation. For someone on the verge of addiction, it may be just what the person needs to change his or her behaviors to keep the addiction from becoming a much larger problem.

Can Astrology Identify the Addictions?

The foresight of the possibility of addiction can be incredibly helpful, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact addictions. Considering millions of people are addicted to things like watching TV and consuming sugar, there are myriad of addictions that are considered “harmless” or relatively so. When most of us think of addiction, we tend to skip things like caffeine and go straight to the more detrimental stuff such as cocaine or heroin. Astrology cannot simply read a person’s birth chart and say, “At some point over adulthood, you will become a heroin addict.” All astrology can do is say, “Your birth chart indicates a propensity toward addiction.”

What You Should Do if Addiction Comes Up in Your Chart

Many of us will experience Neptune and Jupiter crossing in our charts – but not all of us are going to end up addicted to harmful substances. It’s important to keep an open mind. Think about what things you could be addicted to – and if you happen to be using a substance that is highly detrimental to your health, consider getting the help you need. If you find you are addicted to less harmful substances, decide to reduce your intake and replace those bad habits with good ones.

If you are an addict who needs help, there are plenty of resources to guide you through to your recovery. Your astrologer can be the first person in your personal support group to advise you through the addiction to a life free of the substance you’re struggling with.

What Exactly Are Psychics And What Can They Do?

Psychic readings involve the attempt to gain information through heightened perceptive abilities. Psychics come in many forms and may practice their craft in many different ways. The heightened abilities psychics possess also vary. Some psychics claim to have clairvoyance, which allows them to see information unavailable to others, some psychics claim to have clairsentinece , which allows them to tap into feelings that others cannot, some claim to have clairaudience which allows them to hear things others cannot.

A combination of these extensions can be found in one psychic alone. Although science has been unable to prove these connections that psychics claim with any concrete findings, they are still highly popular among many people, especially those trying to connect with loved ones who have passed.

What types of readings are available from psychics?

Astrology Readings – Based of the time of year the person being read was born, psychics read the fortune of the person based on alignments of the sun, moon, planets and fixed stars.


Aura Readings – A psychic that reads the aura of a person, or their energy field that surrounds their body. Through reading the aura, the psychic can decipher valuable information about a person, including their thoughts and mood. Psychics that deal with aura readings often also offer aura cleanses, removing blockages from the aura that cause pain and distress in the person’s life.

Card Reading – Card readings, also known as tarot readings, are a common way psychics will tell the fortune of a person they are reading. They use a special deck of cards that they shuffle, then the person being read picks a certain number of cards that reveal future events that are going to occur in their life.

Distant Readings – This type of reading occurs when a psychic gets a remote perception about someone without ever meeting them first. Readings over the telephone, over letter, or over email can also be described at distant readings.

Numerology – Psychics who deal with numerology have studied the historical and occult meanings of numbers and use those numbers to do readings. When doing a reading, they utilize information like the person’s birth date, time of birth and other important numbers in their life to read them.

Palm Readings – One of the most common forms of reading, palmistry involves the psychic reading the fortune of the person based on lines, wrinkles and curves on their palm.

Psychometry – This type of reading is done by a psychic who uses important possessions belonging to the person being read in order to access information. They claim that these possessions each have their own energy which contains pertinent information about the person.

Getting Your Horoscope Done By An Online Psychic

Years ago, if you wanted your fortune told you would go to the Palm Reader’s shack that was most likely situated just outside the city limits. There was always an air of adventure when you went there because what you were doing was exotic and certainly out of the ordinary. The Gypsy fortune teller of yesterday has largely been replaced by online venues for a wide variety of methods of divination. A simple web search will offer up dozens of sites that offer tarot readings, live psychic chats done in real time, I-Ching and many other fortune telling opportunities. Among the available websites you are bound to find ones dealing with astrology, which usually offer horoscopes.

What Is a Horoscope?

If you’re not familiar with astrology, you’ll need a short primer on the theory behind this divination craft. The concept is that the date, time and location of your birth may be the keys to unlock the mysteries of not only your personality, but even your destiny. A horoscope is like a snapshot of the stars above at the time of your birth. Of course, such a snapshot would take into consideration the place and time you were born since these variables would offer a more specific way of judging the positions of the heavenly bodies at the moment of birthday. Once these factors can be calculated, a star chart is produced that gives a graphic indication of the positions of the planets at your birth. This chart is divided into twelve sections known as houses, with each section ruled by a planet. The different houses are considered to be important in specific areas of your life, for instance your finances, your physical heath and your love life.

What Is Your Sign?

The main method of classification in a horoscope is by your sun sign, one of the twelve possible signs determined by the date of your birth date. This is the sign referred to when someone says “I’m a Gemini” or “Are you a Taurus?” A comprehensive horoscope will also reveal what the horizon looked like at the time and location of your birth: this is called a rising sign and many astrologers consider that it goes quite a long way in helping to determine the way your sun sign affects you.

Why Are Online Horoscopes Reliable?

Unlike other methods such as tarot cards or palmistry, the horoscopes that are created in astrology are largely determined by mathematics. In other words, rather than relying on the turn of a card or the casting of a coin or sticks, horoscopes are arrived at using methods that are specific to the individual. A star chart generated online is based on knowable facts such as the date, time and location of your birth. A trained psychic reader will then draw upon the available data that has been compiled for hundreds of years containing the conclusions and wisdom of astrologers concerning situations just like yours. The reader is much like a librarian, finding the information that corresponds to your horoscope and using that data to indicate hidden strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and pitfalls and other variables in your life.

Based on mathematical data, your online horoscope may offer you a road map of your destiny.