What Exactly Are Psychics And What Can They Do?

Psychic readings involve the attempt to gain information through heightened perceptive abilities. Psychics come in many forms and may practice their craft in many different ways. The heightened abilities psychics possess also vary. Some psychics claim to have clairvoyance, which allows them to see information unavailable to others, some psychics claim to have clairsentinece , which allows them to tap into feelings that others cannot, some claim to have clairaudience which allows them to hear things others cannot.

A combination of these extensions can be found in one psychic alone. Although science has been unable to prove these connections that psychics claim with any concrete findings, they are still highly popular among many people, especially those trying to connect with loved ones who have passed.

What types of readings are available from psychics?

Astrology Readings - Based of the time of year the person being read was born, psychics read the fortune of the person based on alignments of the sun, moon, planets and fixed stars.


Aura Readings - A psychic that reads the aura of a person, or their energy field that surrounds their body. Through reading the aura, the psychic can decipher valuable information about a person, including their thoughts and mood. Psychics that deal with aura readings often also offer aura cleanses, removing blockages from the aura that cause pain and distress in the person’s life.

Card Reading - Card readings, also known as tarot readings, are a common way psychics will tell the fortune of a person they are reading. They use a special deck of cards that they shuffle, then the person being read picks a certain number of cards that reveal future events that are going to occur in their life.

Distant Readings - This type of reading occurs when a psychic gets a remote perception about someone without ever meeting them first. Readings over the telephone, over letter, or over email can also be described at distant readings.

Numerology - Psychics who deal with numerology have studied the historical and occult meanings of numbers and use those numbers to do readings. When doing a reading, they utilize information like the person’s birth date, time of birth and other important numbers in their life to read them.

Palm Readings - One of the most common forms of reading, palmistry involves the psychic reading the fortune of the person based on lines, wrinkles and curves on their palm.

Psychometry - This type of reading is done by a psychic who uses important possessions belonging to the person being read in order to access information. They claim that these possessions each have their own energy which contains pertinent information about the person.

Getting Your Horoscope Done By An Online Psychic

Years ago, if you wanted your fortune told you would go to the Palm Reader’s shack that was most likely situated just outside the city limits. There was always an air of adventure when you went there because what you were doing was exotic and certainly out of the ordinary. The Gypsy fortune teller of yesterday has largely been replaced by online venues for a wide variety of methods of divination. A simple web search will offer up dozens of sites that offer tarot readings, live psychic chats done in real time, I-Ching and many other fortune telling opportunities. Among the available websites you are bound to find ones dealing with astrology, which usually offer horoscopes.

What Is a Horoscope?

If you’re not familiar with astrology, you’ll need a short primer on the theory behind this divination craft. The concept is that the date, time and location of your birth may be the keys to unlock the mysteries of not only your personality, but even your destiny. A horoscope is like a snapshot of the stars above at the time of your birth. Of course, such a snapshot would take into consideration the place and time you were born since these variables would offer a more specific way of judging the positions of the heavenly bodies at the moment of birthday. Once these factors can be calculated, a star chart is produced that gives a graphic indication of the positions of the planets at your birth. This chart is divided into twelve sections known as houses, with each section ruled by a planet. The different houses are considered to be important in specific areas of your life, for instance your finances, your physical heath and your love life.

What Is Your Sign?

The main method of classification in a horoscope is by your sun sign, one of the twelve possible signs determined by the date of your birth date. This is the sign referred to when someone says “I’m a Gemini” or “Are you a Taurus?” A comprehensive horoscope will also reveal what the horizon looked like at the time and location of your birth: this is called a rising sign and many astrologers consider that it goes quite a long way in helping to determine the way your sun sign affects you.

Why Are Online Horoscopes Reliable?

Unlike other methods such as tarot cards or palmistry, the horoscopes that are created in astrology are largely determined by mathematics. In other words, rather than relying on the turn of a card or the casting of a coin or sticks, horoscopes are arrived at using methods that are specific to the individual. A star chart generated online is based on knowable facts such as the date, time and location of your birth. A trained psychic reader will then draw upon the available data that has been compiled for hundreds of years containing the conclusions and wisdom of astrologers concerning situations just like yours. The reader is much like a librarian, finding the information that corresponds to your horoscope and using that data to indicate hidden strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and pitfalls and other variables in your life.

Based on mathematical data, your online horoscope may offer you a road map of your destiny.